Saturday, November 20, 2010


Okay, short post, but it's still awesome. Halfway through playing GTA4 again (because why not), specifically the mission where you have to chase two bikers down and kill them. I happen to like bikes in GTA4, so this was a fun mission. Got on the bike, turned to Independence FM (The custom radio station- I have it set to shuffle through my music collection) and promptly gunned down one of the bikers. The second, as three magazines of magazine fire will attest, was invincible. He dived into a subway tunnel, and I followed.

Just then, the song on the radio changed, to a Queen song. Normally, I'd change it, but in this case it seemed very apropos.

Speeding down a subway on a motorcycle, chasing another motorcyclist, dodging subway trains, listening to "Don't Stop Me Now" is now my favorite memory of GTA4.

To sweeten it even more, as I was riding home, a remix of the TF2 main theme came on (Duty Calls for 162 BPM), so I streaked across the bridge between Bohan and Alderney at 90 MPH, then hit a curb at the end and flipped ass over motorcycle (or more accurately, motorcycle over ass), met headfirst with a tree 25 feet up, and came to a safe (if battered) stop.

Best time ever.